Netto is one of Sweden´s most expansionary chain of grocery stores. Each day Sugar is used for centralizing and managing all surveys that are being deployed to over 160 stores according to EU regulations of Food Safety.
The Survey Engine (EKP) delivers effectiveness for companies that handle surveys. This bespoke solution met the requirements of Netto.
EKP helps Netto to implement processes to ensure product quality and safety around the handling of food. In addition to being an extremely reliable survey engine, EKP provides seamless integrations with one of the most innovative and powerful CRM systems, Sugar. Integration with Sugar provides access to collected data from surveys and related reports in a clear way.
Administrators can upload important documents that can be displayed in EKP and they can also handle the control parts of the system, in Netto´s case, for example, it means managing store and user lists.

The result after transition from earlier platform, deploying surveys went from 2 days to 1 hour, and license fees cut in half.

Client: Netto Marknad Sverige AB
Tools: SugarCRM, RubyOnRails




Asset Management, Case Management, Ruby On Rails, SugarCRM

Date published

April 30, 2016