AI – Adaptive Intelligence

It feels like we've known each other forever!
Wouldn't it be wonderful to get that feeling from people that visit you for the first time? By learning their digital footprints along with your customers' behavior, you will KNOW what products to recommend, what messages to display and what content to show - the very first moment they step in to your online store!

What is Oracle’s Ai – Adaptive Intelligence?

Oracle’s massive databases, DMP, are loaded with 3rd party data collected from cookies and historical behavior.

The recommendations are generated from algoritms based on this 3rd party data together with the 1st party data, which often is purchase history or behavior on site.

Machine learning is a part of Ai. Selflearning algoritms are constructed and tuned by Oracle’s data scientists.

Where does it fit?

Ai can be used for endless purposes! Today it is commonly used for Customer Support to give proactive service, in eCommerce to give relevant recommendations and machine learning in knowledge databases like FAQs.

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Already got Oracle Commerce Cloud and want Ai? No problem!

Even though Ai is really complex, implementing it is really just a walk in the park for an Oracle Commerce Cloud owner!

Lodon will help you extract the 1st party data from your site that will be merged with Oracle’s DMP. There are out of the box widget sliders  (website components) ready to be generated wherever you want on to your site. Then Ai will get to work!

Example AI product slider

It’s nothing personal! 

The Ai collects valuable general data to create the customer profiles that can include household, income, locations and interest – all you need to know to target your marketing. You will get all insights in the Ai Apps, the Admin tool that comes with Ai. You will be able to see what customer profile has clicked and purchased the products recommended. You may also tune the recommendations to boost specific brands or products.

Oracle Ai Apps statistics example