We make a difference for our customers. Do you wish to be a part of it?

Welcome to Lodon

Lodon offers you the opportunity to work with interesting and challenging projects together with experienced and dedicated colleagues. Our office is located on the riverside in Eriksberg, Gothenburg. We have customers within various industries located across Europe, but we still work "digitally" close with them each day.

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At Lodon we work in teams with our projects. There are always colleagues, with a wide variety of competences, to discuss with. We use several project leading tools to make the projects run smoothly, Slack, Wrike, Google Apps, Wiki, Zoom and Github are some examples.

Front-end Developers

As a frontend developer at Lodon you are a valuable key player in our delivery of eCommerce and Marketing solutions. The frontend developers sets the standard for the look & feel in the enterprise Commerce Cloud.

eCommerce Architect

Are you looking for new challenges as a system architect? Do you want to work with eCommerce and cloud solutions?

The workday at Lodon

Working at Lodon means that:
- You are a team player.
- You can easily adjust to the ever-changing needs of our customers.
- You like working towards, sometimes tight, deadlines.
- You enjoy delivering great results.


The combined knowledge and experience of Lodon's employees is quite unique and very valuable for our customers. This is something we're really proud of.


We believe in scalability, data security and sustainability with cost effectiveness as a key differentiator - we call it cloudification, does this strategy sound good to you?


Not only do we develop mobile applications, we all have mobile workstations making sure we can work from the office and remote if needed.

Team building

Whether it comes to a hackathon, kick off or after work team building activities are important stuff for us.

Lodon core values

CX, Customer Experience is our main focus every day of the work week. We all agree that we wish to exceed our customers expectations.

Everyone who works at Lodon is encouraged to challenge themselves and to trust their gut feelings in their daily work.

Cooperation, compassion and commitment are our keywords. A good laugh every now and then is also important to add some extra energy.

We strive for a gender balance of 50/50 since it is our belief that it gives a more dynamic work environment.

A free work environment is a healthy environment

Work from home or work from the office. The most important thing is to get the job done and to deliver in time. At Lodon flexibility is in our DNA.


At Lodon we have Project Managers, E-Business Managers and Business Managers to lead our projects and assure the customer deliveries.

”Great results come with responsibility and the belief in peoples ability to make wise decisions. To me it is important to empower every employee at Lodon through effective delegation.
My experience has also taught me that a healthy balance between work and spare time is very important to make people happy and committed at work.”
Martin Forsberg, CEO

CX Architects

You will break down silos. You will apply the latest technology available. You will transform and optimize for a cohesive, customer-centric architecture.


Full stack developer, frontend developer, backend developer, integration specialist, mobile app developer, integration architect, configuration specialist, etc

The developers at Lodon are constantly challenged to stay on top of the changes within the industry and to use those skills in real cases.
At Lodon the knowledge raises by the minute.

RoR Developers

Lodon uses Ruby On Rails to develop stand alone web applications and to support tools used together with our cloud solutions in eCommerce, Marketing Automation and CRM.

Back-end Developers

A backend developer at Lodon is an expert at api communications and web services.
As a backender you work closely with our customers, integrating and maintaining their solutions with 3rd party systems.