Data-driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is about tearing down silos. We help you integrate data from disparate sources and turn it useful. Regardless devices, channels or life cycles, we will empower you to deliver your most relevant, engaging and personalized customer experience. Begin your journey towards data-driven marketing here.

Data accuracy equals relevance

Investments in digital transformation are crucial for businesses to meet today's customers.
Focus on your customers' experience with you and map your internal processes accordingly. But before you even start thinking data driven marketing, get in charge of your customer data.
Lodon offers integration, development and strategy together with Oracle's platforms for Marketing Automation and Lead Generation, Responsys and Eloqua.

Responsys program designer screenshot


- One Canvas Program Orchestration
- High Performance Conversion & Retargeting
- Real-time Optimization & Testing
- Industry Leading Infrastructure & Security
- Rich Integration APIs
- Dynamically customized emails


- Robust CRM Lead Integration
- Rich Integration APIs
- Landing Pages & Forms
- Social Engagement
- Analytics & Reporting
- Dynamic Content & A/B Testing

Eloqua Canvas

Yes, you understand that you have to become data-driven… But how do you start?

The 10000 dollar question actually has two answers:

1. Get your data structured

Automated communication can only be relevant when you know the customer.
The foundation in knowing the customer is having the right data – structured and up to date.

2. Integrate your platforms

Your Marketing tool needs to be integrated to your offline sales, online sales,
the CMS for the content and your Customer database, in order to receive the right data.

Lets meet Sarah – one of your many highly valuable customers who wants relevant and timely communication

42 years old, married with two children, active in Mountain biking, skiing and power walking she lives just outside a larger city together with Jim, 45, who enjoys running and skiing.

Their kids spend most of their time in school and hanging out with friends but play tennis a couple of times a week.

The family leads altogether an active lifestyle with a good income which they spend on holiday skiing, dinner with friends, clothing and sports gear.

Sarah spends a couple of hours every day on social media, browsing for new inspiration in her interests. She follows a professional mountainbiker on Instagram and is part of local Facebookgroups to meet new friends with the same passion. This is also where she shares new routes and tips of new gear.

She is quite loyal to where she shops, her local Sports Store is where she regularly leaves her Mountainbike for service and also where she try out new shoes for powerwalking. While doing so, she gets the spares and she has also signed up for their emails to receive news and offers from the online store.

It’s all about respect – listen to your customer

How do you avoid spamming Sarah with stuff she is not interested in, products she has already bought or articles she already read?

The key is to decide the rules; what should count as an actual Interest? If Sarah has not clicked the banner with the best Mountainbike routes for the last 6 received and opened emails – should it then be replaced by something else? If so, with what?

Keep a stack of interests to alter with, as these will be automatically updated when Sarah interacts with your products and content. Also remember to display cross-sales from other categories. How can you truly get to know the customer if you keep asking the same questions?

Personalized email example

Placeholder on a personalized email


The email will contain content and offers depending on what the customer has clicked or purchased. As the integrations deliver the information in real time, the content will be relevant and up to date.


86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Infosys)

80% of consumers like when retailers emails contain recommended products based on previous purchases (Listrak)

Gartner Reports

Oracle is a Leader, based on Oracle Eloqua’s robust feature set, extensive third-party integration options and connections to other components of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Eloqua serves many verticals, with stronger concentrations in business and consumer services, high-tech and IT, manufacturing, financial services, and media. Oracle is based in Redwood Shores, California, U.S.

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