Headless eCommerce

API is the solution for Headless eCommerce

Headless eCommerce connects seamlessly to any content delivery system: custom front-end layers, content management systems (CMS) or any digital experience platforms (DXPs) with smart API’s.

Mobile devices, POS, social interactions (e.g. chat bots), apps, CSR applications, and appliances, can be enabled rapidly to your business.

Headless eCommerce is designed to work with your complex enterprise environments where many legacy systems co-exist. It consolidates information from diverse systems across the enterprise, such as ERP, CRM, inventory, fulfillment and order management to enable commerce transactions.

The integration framework therefore preserves existing investments in custom or legacy business systems without the need to replace all of them at once.

Any Touchpoint, Frontend, Backend, or Legacy System can be integrated.

Headless ecommerce map

Six advantages with Headless eCommerce.

  1. Extensible and Modern Architecture
  2. Integration Centric Solution
  3. 100% Commerce
  4. Deployment Flexibility
  5. Enterprise-level Scalability and Performance
  6. Developer Friendly


It doesn’t fit all but it certainly will fit a lot of companies. At Lodon we have great experience of what you can do with Headless eCommerce.

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