Interview regarding forthcoming Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2017 in Las Vegas

Interview regarding forthcoming Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2017 in Las Vegas

Interview with Jenny Wejbin, CX Lead & eCommerce Manager, Lodon AB before the trip to Las Vegas and Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2017.

1.Which message do you wish to mediate through your speech in Las Vegas at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience event?

Useful tips on how to tie the different systems in the CX portolio together in a winning way plus the importance of a truly thought through strategy to be able to cross the finish line with a CX project.

2. Which parts within CX do you hope to educate yourself about in Las Vegas?

First of all I hope to get some general inspiration on how things can be done and I hope to learn more about how other Oracle partners have handled different CX projects, I also hope to see more about some new cool featurers from Oracle.

3. Which keynotes/speakers are you extra keen on listening during the event days, and if so, then why?

There are so many interesting speakers but I will make sure to see is Anjala Krishen, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Mainly because the customers are the most important piece in the CX concept and one shall always strive to improve their experience with the brand.

From Liking to Loyalty:Understanding the Psychology of Customer Connection [THT1352]

“Loyalty is hard to come by these days, with so many competitors vying for your customers’ hearts and minds. To build a loyal, sustainable following (be it via a Facebook page, an exclusive customer community, or an actual loyalty program), companies should cultivate three main ingredients of social network affinity: a sense of belonging, interactivity, and emotional connection.”

4. What kind of companies travel to an event like this in Las Vegas from Sweden/Europe?

From Sweden I know that Klarna and IKEA will participate and there will be retailers from all over the world. Las Vegas is THE happening of the year within CX.

5. What would you say is the best way to mingle and connect with people at such a huge event with over 3000 participants?

I have no secret recipe but if you are a curious person and like to meet new people and like to educate yourself it will happen by itself more or less – that you make the right connections for you.

6. What are you most excited about in and around Las Vegas if you will get some free time?

If I get to see the Grand Canyon I will be thrilled and very excited.

7. Hope you will have a great trip and some rewarding days in Las Vegas and we hope that you will go against the saying that “what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”…We look forward to your live updates from Las Vegas on Lodon´s LinkedIn and a wrap up interview when you are back home in Sweden.

Thanks a lot and yes I will be more than happy to share my new insights from the “CX world”.


Jenny Wejbin, CX Lead & eCommerce Manager, Jenny Wejbin