Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is made for companies and organisations who take digitalization seriously. Too large or too small costume? It's equally uncomfortable! The Oracle Commerce Cloud platform offers complete scalability and high performance as well as continuous updates with new innovations and features.

Oracle Commerce Cloud supports both B2C and B2B processes and Lodon’s experienced integrations team will be happy to connect Oracle Commerce Cloud to any of the systems, such as ERPs, Marketing Tools or CRM, that your company relies on today.

The platform has a fully customizable Storefront based on templates and widgets that come out of the box or can be modified to fit your needs.

Oracle Commerce Cloud B2B - loaded with functionality and innovation

Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce provides a way for your customers to purchase your products online, but also provides a host of other benefits to your organization. Oracle Commerce Cloud has everything you need to build a premier B2B ecommerce site; Account Management, Account specific pricing, Account specific catalogs, Approvals, Delegated Administration, Pay by Invoice / PO, Recurring orders, Volume-based Pricing and Account hierarchies.

Related Products and Recommendations in Cart (Up-sell and Cross-sales)

Quickshop functionality makes it easy for the customer to add to cart, which increases the ordervalue

Experiments - A/B testing

Using Experiments you can create an experiment, configure the variant content on the webpage, define the goals to track, control the targeted audience for the experiment, schedule the experiment to run for a specified period of time, and then view the results of any completed or currently running experiments.

Examples of experiments that you could run include experiments to answer the following questions;
- Which promotional banner works best for each department?
- If the product page highlights free delivery, are customers more likely to add the product to their basket?
- Will customers use search more frequently if the search box is bigger?
- Does displaying a permanent “Chat” button result in more customer contact than displaying an invitation to open a chat after a set period of inactivity?


For a personalized shopping experience - show relevant content and offers based on logged in user.
Build audiences using standard and custom shopper profile attributes and nest audiences

Customized Filtering

Powerful filteroptions to fit your needs will give your shoppers easy access to your products


Multisites in Oracle Commerce have different Url, Storefronts, Pricing, Catalogues, Promotions but same Backoffice.
This is ideal when you want to boost a specific Brand or fast and easy want to open a Popup Store.
In Preview, you can chose which site storefront to view. Enabled or disabled sites are all preview-able

Gartner Reports

The number of digital commerce platform vendors continues to grow along with the breadth of those platforms, adding to the complexity of vendor evaluations. This report evaluates 21 providers of digital commerce platforms to assist application leaders supporting digital commerce.

Oracle is honored to have been positioned as a leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

Click here to download report.