Oracle Integration Cloud

Why pay for licenses and support multiple platforms when you now can have only one?

Oracle Integrations Cloud – a complete and scalable platform – you will not need several different platforms to manage your integrations.
Based on prebuilt integrations, simply select your application and connect to the flow or let machine-learning based recommendations finish the integration for you.

We meet customers who put a lot of time and resources on the coding, support and maintenance in their Integration Competence Centers.  But with OIC, we see that focus is shifting towards the architecture side, as the platform itself handles the development part. Also being in the Cloud, support and scalability needs are taken care of, as included in PaaS. The possibility to put more strength into what is good for the business is visualized in Dashboards  – all at the same time as the cost for licensing go down.

You will have access to monitor and manage the health of your integrations, as well as analyze your business in interactive Dashboards.

Dashboards for easy monitor and optimized business value

Experience real-time visibility into the state of your business with rich and modern monitoring dashboards. View stats that tell you how well your integrations and processes are working. You can pinpoint bottlenecks, monitor errors, and take corrective action now. Quickly locate transactions of interest and their outcome through powerful search criteria. Drill down to audit or analyze information in greater detail. Dashboards measure and track system, process, and integration health as well as designtime metrics.

Analytics in Oracle Integration Cloud simplifies the process of collecting and collating business event metrics. In minutes, you’ll be reporting on the performance of your business.
View metrics for your model in pre-configured or custom interactive dashboards. Get real-time insight into the details that make your business tick. You’ll always have the latest data available and the ability to generate personalized dashboards on the fly—all without IT involvement.

We can assist with

  • Situation analysis of present architecture
  • Integration strategy, how to reach your business´s goals.
  • Architecture, design flow charts and designate applications to connect.
  • Migrate your current integration solution in to the Cloud.
  • Implementation, make sure migration to Oracle Integration Cloud runs smooth and seamless.