Team Sportia

Team Sportia is a nordic retailer within sporting gods. Team Sportia are focused hard on digital transformation.

• 132 offline stores in Sweden and Finland
• 1 Online Store
• Owned by SGN and Franchisers

In 2015 Team Sportia had a fragmented customer experience.

• 65 Different Facebook Sites
• 55 different Instagram Accounts
• Out-of-date Loyalty Club

Lodon and Oracle put together a digital transformation that changed that with Oracle CX Cloud.

2017 – Omni-Channel Business with the use of Oracle CX Cloud

• United Team Sportia with mutual tools and goals
• Enhance and increase relationships with customers
• Increase conversions, revenue and profit
• Enhance brand knowledge internally and externally

From multiple channels to #OneTeamSportia
Oracle Commerce Cloud was put to the test last year on Black Friday. The traffic and transactions on the site were the highest they had been in the company’s history, and the solution scaled seamlessly to support it.

Client: Team Sportia AB
Skills: Project Management, eBusiness Management, Software Development
Tools: Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sugar and RubyOnRails





Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Social Cloud, Service Bus Integration, Sugar

Date published

April 26, 2016